Weather occurences

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Weather and Climate

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Weather occurences

Tornado-Fast moving air meets slower moving air-Winds roll over each other and begin to spin-Vortex is formed as column grows in speed and size

Thunderstorm-Uplifiting of warm, humid air leads to the growth of cumulonimbus clouds-Electric charges in clouds cause thunder and lightening

Dust Devils (Whirlwinds)-Smaller version of a tornado-Form from hot air right above the Earth's surface-Winds pick up dust as they spin

Wind Storm-Convection increases winds-Strong winds cause damage and lift sediment

Heat Wave-High pressure systems trap air-As the air warms, it cannot rise, so it just gets hotter and hotter

Dust Storm-Strong winds lift and carry dust and other particles, whipping them into a destructive mass

Blizzard-Rising, warm air and moisture cause clouds and precipitation-Temperatures below freezing cause snow-High winds are often involved

Hurricane-Warm air above ocean rises, creating low pressure zone below-New air fills in the low pressure zone-The hot, warm air builds and begins to spin

Sleet-Layer of air near the ground drops below freezing, while the layer of air above it is warmer-Rain or melted snow freezes before hitting the ground

Hail-Thunderstorm updrafts bring water droplets past the freezing level-Hailstones grow as additional water freezes to them

Weather Occurences


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