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Weather Forecaster

Weather forecaster

By Wonseok Lee

- A bachelor's degree in an atmospheric sciences or in a meteorology or a physics.- Experience is needed in a broadcasting industry.- Demonstrate a high understanding in physics, calculus, computer science, and an atmospheric science.

Educational requirments/training needed?

Types of geographic knowledge, skills, and technology is needed:

Types of skills needed to work as a weather forecaster: Speaking, active listening, judgement and decision making, time management, active learning, critical thinking, writing, system analysis, monitoring, complex problem solving, negotiation, persuasion, mathematics, coordination, instructing

Kinds of geographic knowledge needed to work as a weather forecaster: Weather forecaster must know physics, mathematics, geography, english language, chemistry, computers and electronics, and telecommunications.

Types of technologies that are used when you are a weather forecaster: Computer models, maps, satellite images

Types of characteristics that a weather forecaster must have to maintain the job as a weather forecaster:

Benefits of being a weather forecaster:

Average salary: $89,790Salary range: $47,950 - $136,120

Types of personal interest that are important to work as a weather forecaster:

Negative aspects of being a weather forecaster:

Responsibilities that a weather forecaster has/involves in:

Salary for being a weather forecaster:

Economic factors of a weather forecaster

Interesting facts about being a weather forecaster?

-Optimistic -Confident -Trustworthy-Persistent-Meticulous -Humble

Weather forecaster has a responsibilities to deliver the weather news to the audience with the most accurate and recent data. Also, telling the audience the prevention measures for the natural disasters. and explaning why this kind of weather has happened.

- Better salary while comparing to the releative jobs.- Giving their famillies a specific information about upcoming weather in advance.- Mostly working in indoors area.

- Stress- Long hours of work time besides broadcasting- Frequently dinner time with the employees which means bad health due to frequently drinking alochol

- Taking an interest in watching daily weather news every day.- Taking an interest for upcoming natural disasters to your location or to where you are broadcasting the weather.

You could be a superhero that save lives by broadcasting the upcoming weather system to the public to evacute or to prepare!!!

- Very competitive to be a weather forecaster


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