Weather for Marion

by kaylagallion
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Earth Sciences

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Weather for Marion

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Satellite image from and data from WLOS News 13 and weather app on iPhone.

How to Prepare for This WeatherUntil Friday, folks should dress for warmer weather! However, keeping an umbrella and a light jacket would be a good idea to protect from the rain. By Saturday, warm clothes like sweaters and coats should be pulled out again, and keep the umbrellas with you. Naturally, anytime it rains or snows it is important to drive slowly and safely.

Weather for Marion, NC

The weather for Marion over a 5 day period between December 4th and 8th has been bizarre! It started out with unseasonably warm weather, but that summer time feel is dampened by rain. A cold front only brings in more of that and cools the area way down. Mother Nature has been sporadic and nearly unpredictable this week! Let's take a closer look.



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