Weather assignment

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Environmental Studies

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Weather assignment

Your assignment is to add a page to our division six class wiki on weather. You will work in a small group to gather information about a type of weather. Your information needs to answer the following questions, although you may choose to include other facts that you discover:1. What is the name of the type of weather? 2. Is this type of weather seen in the area you live? Why or why not? 3. Is this a common type of weather or is it “extreme weather”? Why? 4. What causes this type of weather? 5. How does this weather impact living beings? 6. How does this weather impact non-living things?


Create a glog about a type of weather.



1) Decide on a topic as a group. 2)Decide on three places to look for information, including books, websites or encyclopedias. 3)Conduct your research. Remember to take notes instead of copying and to record all your sources.4) When you have all the answers to your questions, start putting them on your glog.5) Decide what else you'd like to add to your glog - clip art, diagrams, pictures, videos, etc. Your glog should be more than just text.6) When you are done, ask Mrs. Oxley to upload your glog to the wiki. Remember to hand in your bibliography page separately.

You can add in a video, like this one:

Creating a Glog is different than creating a poster or other offline product. You will be able to use videos, pictures and sounds you find online right in your product.

Or add in a picture you find or take yourself:

Or use Glogster's graphics:

Just remember to record your sources!



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