wearable computers

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wearable computers

What are they?Wearable computers are devices that can be small enough to attach to clothing or hang around your neck or wrist. They are equipped with the computing power to update the wearer on information the request. Some examples would be information on the weather or a reminder of an event on your calendar. Wearable computers give you information wherever you go without the hassle of large technology

Advantages:quicker access to informationdiscreet in sizehands free

Disadvantages:less versatilemay be too small for some peoplenot a totally accepted technology

Wearable Technology can be used in a classroom setting in many ways. A teacher could wear something that connects to her students computers so she will know when they have finished their work. It could also be used for a student that has issues writing. They could speak into their device and it could translate that into text for the student.

Wearable Technology

This technology can benefit any person who is in need of something that is even more convenient than a smart phone. Wearable technologies can be used in hospitals to quickly input peoples information or in law enforcement so you can access criminal records as you are on the more.

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