Weapons of Mass Destruction

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World War II

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction

There were several stages in the devolopment of weapons of mass desruction.



The "Atom Project" starts 1941. The first Atomic Reactor was built 1942. Then in Los Almos, New Mexico the first atom bomb was tested July 16, 1945. (Orr, 45)

The Geneva Protocol becomes heavily enforced in 2007.

Iraq and Iran's chemical war ends in 1988.

By 1993 the Geneva Protocol becomes enforced better. The Chemical Weapons Confrence is established, 1997. A group to enforce the weapons laws for multiple countries, named the Verification experts, was established 1991.

It all started when Otto Hahn and Enric Fermi discovered atom fission and that atom fission created two new elements.

Iraq and Iran start a chemical war with each other in 1938. (Rivera, 43).







Vietnam War starts and the U.S. uses Agent Orange to clear jungle tree cover, but kills people on exposure. 1962-1973 (Rivera, 43) The World Nations form the Biological Weapons Conference in 1972. (Rivera, 34-40)

Random Fact

The actor John Wayne died of cancer because of the radiation in Los Almos, New Mexico. The radiaton was from the first atomic bomb.


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