Weapons And Warfare In Ancient Rome

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Weapons And Warfare In Ancient Rome

WARFARE- In battles new recruits were always placed in the front while experienced troops were in the back. They did this for 3 reasons, kept the recruits from running away,built the recruits confidence,and the first people to die would most likely be the inexperienced troops instead of the experienced troops.The “tortoise” action was a technique that was used to help protect each other from arrows and attack. The legionnaires would put their shields above their head except for the front row and that would create a shell like shield for the unit.


The Ancient Romans used many weapons during war. Examples of weapons are the Pugio(dagger),Gladius(sword),Spatha(longer sword),Hasta(thrusting spear)Javelin(throwing spear),Pilum(heavy version of javelin),Bow,Dart(small throwing objects).Shields-Parma(circular shield and is 3 feet across).They also used a Cetra(light wooden shield).

Weapons and Warfare in Ancient Rome


Techniques A major technique of the romans was for the legionnaires to charge at the enemy and throw their spear to cause disarray within the enemy ranks and then kill the rest of them with their sword.

ArmourSome did not wear armour because they felt restricted in combat and wanted to move more freely.Many wore scale armour-A complex piece of armour which in circumstances provided superior protection to the other types of Roman armour.

Major Siege WeaponsCatapult(shot rocks),Ballista(shot large arrows),Tribulus(Made of 4 sharp nails or spines arranged in such a manner that one of them always pointed up in a stable position).

Fighting UnitsThe most important fighting unit in the Roman army was the legion commanded by legatus.It consisted of 5000 to 6000 legionnaires.

SoldiersThe romans used cavalry to chase after retreating enemies and to attack the flanks of the enemy. Part time soldiers called auxiliaries would be enlisted to assist the legionnaires as archers or scouts.



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