Weapons And Gear In World War One

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Social Studies
World War I

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Weapons And Gear In World War One

Weapons like tanks made armies more powerful.

Fighter planes added a new dimension to the war. Pilots fired at each other and at infantry.

Soldiers were forced to wear gas masks to protect from chlorine and mustard gas.

Weapons and Gear in World War One

Rifles were mainly used by infantry. Bayonets were fitted to these rifles.

With machine guns, armies could kill each other faster.

Rifles would often jam due to mud and water in the trenches.

Helmets protected soldiers from bullets and shrapnel.

Posters advertised the glory of enlistment.

During World War One, numerous technological advances were achieved, like fighter planes, tanks and more efficient guns. These advances helped pave way for countless inventions we use today.

No mans land was difficult to cross.

Grenades could kill several people at once.


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