We were Liars

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We were Liars

We Were LiarsBy: E. Lockhart

Cadence Sinclair grew up in a very wealthy family. Cadence's troubles began when her parents got divorced and split up. Her Dad was a college History Professor. Her Mother's side of the family had a lot of money. She lived in Burlington, but spent her summers on thier family island, Beechwood. This is where her aunts, cousins, and friends, known as the Liars, spent time together. Cadence had an accident, could not remeber anything before her 15th summer, and was left with severe migraines. She would often email her friends and Family but they would never respond. She did not return to the island for two years. The only thing she could remember was a fire. Se ends up going back to the island at 17. Her memories start to slowly return. She remembers her aunts and mother fighting over the inherritance from her grandfather. They tried including the children into the argument. The children were tired of the lound angry argument and when the adults left the house, Cadence, her cousins, and her friends, burnt down the house. They thought the fighting would stop if they destroyed what everyone was fighting over. Cadence now remembers the gory details. Cadence, Johnny, Mirran, Gat torched the place with gasoline. As the building was burning, Gat, Johnny, and Mirran were trapped in a room on the 3rd floor and the cieling collapsed, crushing them. Cadence was the only one to escape. Cadence then realized she had been talking to ghosts the entire time since the accident.




Cadence Sinclair,Mother, and Father,Harris, and his wife Tipper,Aunt Carrie, Aunt Bess,Counsins Johnny and Mirran, andGat

Burlington, VermontBeechwood, Family Island

I recommend this book to anyone. I was not expecting much from the ending but it was very suprising ending. The book was interesting and it makes you think.



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Things arent always the way they seem. When Cadence's memories were lost, it might have partially been because she didn't want to remember. The grusome memories were to painful. One wrong move can change your life.


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