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We Were Liars



WE WERE LIARSBy: E. Lockhart


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is about a girl named Cadence Sinclair Eastman. While on vacation on her grandfather's private island, Cadence supposedly hit her head in a traumatic accident during summer fifteen. When she wakes up in the hospital after the accident, she doesn't remember anything from summer fifteen and she has crippiling migraines. Cadence can't remember what happened during that summer, but when she returns to the island two summers after her incident, nothing is as it was before. The liars, Gat, Johnny, and Mirren, a group of Cadence's closest friends on the island, won't talk to her about her accident and her family is keeping secrets from her. Cadence must find a way to figure out what really happened to her and why she can't remember her accident and summer fifteen.

Cadence Sinclair Eastman is the main character of We Were Liars. Gatwick Matthew Patil, also known as Gat, is the boy who Cadence falls deeply in love with. Gat is apart of the liars along with Mirren, Johnny, and Cadence. Harris Sinclair is the grandfather of Cadence. He owns the private island.


I would recommend this book because it keeps you on your feet, you're constantly trying to solve the mystery of Cadence's accident, and the ending of the book is a suprising twist.

The author suggests that sometimes people lie and finding out the truth and trying to remember can be hard.

This book takes place in Beechwood Island, Massachusetts. There are four houses on Beechwood—Windermere Cuddledown, Red Gate, and Clairmo.



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