We were liars

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We were liars

We Were LiarsBy: E. Lockhart

Title of the Book and Author

Character and setting

What happened first

on the summer that Cadence turned 15 her and her mom went to their private island where their family was and she was very excited to go because there was this guy named Gat, her couson Johnny's friend, that she has been madly in love with since she first laid eyes on him. that summer though was not like any other summer because one day Cadence woke up on the beach wth non of her cousins around her or anywhere to be found. they have almost like disappeared and the thing was that Cadence had no idea what happened at all because it was like her memory was wiped clean.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

Cadence soon started to find bits and pieces of her memory come back from that summer. the memories that were coming back were her and her cousins and Gat putting gasoline on the island because they thought that if they got rid of the things that were making people fight would make them stop, but what she came to find out was she was the only survior of them.

Cadence learns that, her cousins and Gat were not really on the island after she went back after that summer everything happened. She realizes that they are not really there she is just imagining them this whole time because she can not let go of what happened because she believes she should have done something to help more than she tried.

Cadence Sinclair is the main character. Cadence starts off by telling us alittle bit about her and everything that has happened before the accident. That summer she went to the private island she gets to see her family members like she always does, but maily her cousins. Who are Johnny and Mirren, but there is one other person named Gat who is Johnny's friend that just so happens to be the boy Cadence has been in love with. the setting was just like an ordinary day on a private island.


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