We Were Liars By. E.Lockhart

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We Were Liars By. E.Lockhart

We Were Liars begins during summer fifteen of Cadence's story. In this her parents split and her and her mother move into Windemere at Becchwood, The sinclare family private island where they spend thier whole summer. The last memory she has of summer fifteen is waking up on the beach with a terrible head injury also known as 'the acident'. Before this 'acident' in summer fourteen romance between Cadence and Gat, the stepbother of Jhonny, blossoms. As well as 'the liars' or the cousins Cadence, Mirren, Johonny, and Gat. The Sinclair family also experiences the death of their lovely grandmother tipper. Due to Cadences severe acident she has to spend all of summer sixteen at her home in Vermont and take a trip to Europe with her father. During this time she begins writting fairytales based on her grandfather, aunts, and mother's relationship. She aslo writes the liars and gives away her belonging but none respond. Finally she goes to the island in summer seventeen and becomes confused on why Clairmont has changed and why no one will tell her about 'the accident' in summer fifteen. After speaking to the liars she comes to remeber everyting (the fire) and suffers more than before.

We Were Liars By e.lockhart

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Symbols -The Clairmont: The Sinclairs; they are perfect on the outside but hold dark secrets on the inside-The Fairytales: Cadence's perception of her aunts and mother's relationship with her grandfather.-The Liars: Cadence's imagination in the end

~The Fire~At the end of summer fifteen the liars plan to burn down clairmont in hopes to end the fight within their family. However thier plan goes wrong and all liars die but Cadence.

ThemeThe Sinclair family is a perfect example of money does not buy happines.



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