We made Chili

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We made Chili

1. Haleema cooked the meat in a large pot.2. Jiayi drained the fat. 3.Olivia drained and rinsed the beans.4. Haleema put the, beans,tomatoes,onion,greenpepper and chili power in the pot.5.Olivia added some pepper.Olivia added garlic and other spices too.6.Jiayi turndown the heated.Put the lid on the pot simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.Stir often.7.Meron served with toast,tortills are baked potatoes.Added a salad.8.haleema chopped the onion.9.Haleema chopped green bell pepper.10.Olivia set table. 11.Haleema,Olivia,Jiayi and Meron washed the dishes.

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Ingredients1 lb(500g) Ground beaf,chicken or turkey.2 cans(9398ml each)kidney beans(or use cooked dried beans).1 can (540 ml)dried or crushed tomatoes. 2 cup(500ml) chopped green bell pepper.1 cup(250ml) chopped onion.1 tbsp(15ml) chili power pepper. .

Grocery ListGround beef =$4.49Kidney beans =$1.99Crushed tomatoes = 88¢Chopped onion = 50 ¢Chopped green bell pepper =$2.44Pepper =$2.47Total =$12.77

We Made Chili


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