We are what we eat!

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We are what we eat!

Getting started!Take a look at the comic strip below:

We are what we eat!

a)Do you think you eat too much?b) Do you think you are a healthy person? Why or why not?c)What is your favourite food?d)Will a vegetarian or vegan eat these kinds of food commented in? the comic strip?e)Would you become a vegetarian?

Reading time!Let´s read the text in the link below!

Now, in pairs or small groups, discuss the questions below:a)What kind of text is this?b)What is the source of the text?c)What language does it use?d)What is the “cheeseburguer Bill”? e)Do you agree with this lawsuit? Why or why not?

Let´s listen!

Now you have in the box some food or ingredients used to prepare dishes. Organize them in groups according with what each group can eat. Salmon – cod – fillet – egg – Jam – Lamb – cheese – chop – peas – radish – leek – veal – poultryVegetarians eat::_________Flexitarians eat:_________Pollotarians eat::_________Vegans eat: __________Pescetarians eat: ________

Grammar Focus

You have noticed that you can use words to complement your opinion about something. Let’s see the use of “would rather” to improve your ways to express opinion, have you seen this before?

You are the writer!

Do you know what an article is?How about writing your opinion about the article you have read in this unit? What do think of your eating habits?

People are used to commenting articles published on the internet. Let’s learn how to make a commentary

Have you ever heard about the raw food movement? Watch it and let´s contraste it with the kind of food approached in the text.

After talking about eating habits, cheese burger bill and different types of diet; write a comment expressing your opinion about the unit topic. Our discussion will be posted on our forum.

Your comment should have the following information:-What kind of eating habits do you have? Do you have healthy eating habits-What do you think about the cheeseburger bill? Do you agree with it? Why (not)?-Would it be challenging for you to start eating more healthy foods? Why (not)?


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