We and Our Health

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Health & Fitness

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We and Our Health

AnorexiaAnorexia is a lack or loss of appetite for food (as a medical condition).In the US, anorexia nervosa is the third most common chronic illness among adolescent girls, after obesity and asthma. Anorexia nervosa is one of the types of anorexia that is an eating disorder primarily affecting adolescent girls and young women, characterized by pathological fear of becoming fat, distorted body image, excessive dieting, and emaciation.The age of onset for anorexia nervosa are often situated between 13 and 18 years.

We and our health

BulimiaBulimia is a habitual disturbance in eating behavior mostly affecting young women of normal weight, characterized by frequent episodes of grossly excessive food intake followed by self-induced vomiting to avert weight gain. Bulimia usually occurs, between 18 and 25 years.

Overweight and ObesityOverweight refers to an excess amount of body weight that may come from muscles, bone, fat, and water.Obesity refers to an excess amount of body fat.


Overweight or Obesity



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