We All Fall Down By Eric Walters

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 We All Fall Down By Eric Walters

While reading the reader should consider:- Using sticky notes is a efficient and useful way to keep track of your notes and thoughts of what happend between chapters. As well as it helps you note where the main events in the book are happening.- You should also consider doing a short summary of what happened throughout the book when you complete it so that you can refresh your memory of when you have to do this project.

Twin towers fallen

Piece of debris from the towers falling

2nd plane crashing

Picture of aftermath

We All Fall Down

By: Eric Walters

"The Passengers were doomed on the plane"

"We have to see if there are any other choices"

"Oh my good God"

The Novel We All Fall Down is about a boy who is going with his father for his first time, and has no idea what to expect. He gets to see all of NYC and all of the monuments that represent it. Everything is going smooth until, Bang!


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