[2015] Conrad Orzel (Potosky Period 1): We all fall down

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[2015] Conrad Orzel (Potosky Period 1): We all fall down

By: Eric Walters

This horrific tragedy will keep you on your toes! With all the trama it will take your breath away. With many valuable lessons to be learned. This book shows how one second makes the difference.

As Wills father brought his son to work, nightmares became reality.


We all fall down

My poems state all the positives of these two reading startegies. Explaning how they help with organization, improving as a reader, and help with the course question.

Will thinks to himself “I just wanted to sit down…sit down, curl up and cry.”

SummaryA good summary is key to organizationA recouperation of thoughts for the mindAn extra storage for the brainA refreshment for the mind As it gives constant ideasReaders will never miss a beatWith evidence put on a platter 24/7Presenting all the importancance of the bookAs ones memory improvesbook review will not be an issueAllows one to keep moving forwardConfriming ones beliefs easier


“It was like one day you were this little boy and I turned away for a few seconds and when I looked again you were a strapping young man.”

“For those who perished, and those who went on.”

ConnectorConnection are key to comprhensionHaving a different interpretaationInfluencing deep reflectionAs if making a new inventionAs one discovers a new connectionOnes perspective get comfirmedTo the course questionWhether it's with slef, text,or worldConnections open doors succesAs ones imagination paints a new pictureIt shall provide impotance to the pointAs deffence on the battlefield


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