Ways to help our planet

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Environmental Studies

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Ways to help our planet

ways we can help our country

allso the cars use electricity but it allso use fuels .The cars polluted the air and spend electricity.There are allternative fuels but the gasoline is a bery big bussines to the government and all the country so thats the reason , but if we us the elctric cars or fliying cars the ambient would be better andallso the contamination an the pollution. WE can do a day that every one rides the bike and no one use the car.

no cars

The solar panelsThe solar panels can help to our enviormen so in that way we don´t need to spend so much electricity


Another way to help the enviorment is the no littering , in that way we can help the enviorment to dont get polluted and if all the eople throught their trash it´s goin to be better.We can do a campain to recolect trash and the trash we recolact we can use in sculptures or other things.


The trash

we can help turning of the lights wen we don´t need it or others electric appliances like the : TV , the radio , the computers , etc , in that way we don´t spend so much electricity and that electricity we can use in other thing for help the enviorment or to use in other things .



waste light


solar panels


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