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Wayne Thiebaud

Artist's Quote"I picked out pies and cakes- things based on simple shapes like triangles and circles."-Wayne Thiebaud

Artist's StyleWayne Thiebaud does things like still life and abstract. His style was pop art. He liked painting with thick brush strokes. He liked simple shapes like triangle and circle. Wayne enjoy drawing stuff based on an eye level. He painted thing with negative space too.

Wayne Thiebaud(1920-1979)

Artist's LifeWayne was born in Mesa,Arizona. He grew up in Southern,California. Art surrounded Wayne as a child. He first started having an intrest in comic strips. That made him have an intrest in art also.He attended college at the California State University but then he moved to Sacremento.Wayne Thiebaud illistrated in movies. He was and illistrator for Walt Disney.Wayne also made advertisement.

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Artist's Impact on HistoryWayne was influenced by other artists who used food to create dynamic compositions such as Paul Cezanne and Frida Kahlo. Contempory artists are still using food for art composition.

Artist's InfluenceWayne loved doing all types of art. He got inspired from Willem De Kooning for doing abstract art.He was also inspired from Diebenkorn for doing still life.Wayne was inpired by Paul Cezanne, for painting ovals and rectancles.Wayne, was inspired by Frida Kahlo, a mexican artist who used her paintings to tell stories about her life. Frida, just like Wayne Thiebaud, did a focal piont and slices of object. Wayne did slices of cakes and Frida did slices of watermelon.


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