[2015] Rowena Poorajah (6th Grade 15-16): Wayne Theibaud

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[2015] Rowena Poorajah (6th Grade 15-16): Wayne Theibaud

The One and Only WayneThiebaud

Wayne's style of art is pop art. Pop art is cultural. Thiebaud was also a cartoonist. For example: ''Yellow Mickey'' and ''Chuck Berry''.

Style of Art

World of My Artist

Important Events

Important People


Three Machines

"Girl With the Ice Cream Cone"

''Yellow dress''

Most of his important people were family and friends. The person who influenced him was Franz Kline. He was also impressed by Walter Disney.[The artist of Mickey Mouse.]

He won an Academic of Acheivements Award on October 14 1994 by President Clinton. He was in World War II in 1939 .He got married to Patricia Patterson. They had 2 children.One named Twinka and other was MallaryAnn. During World War II his job was serving in the US.

Wayne loved food. He also drew other random things such as ''Yellow Dress'' and ''Bow Ties''.


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