Way of Knowing: Faith

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Way of Knowing: Faith

Brought to you by: Daiyajot Grewal, Andrea Lin, Jonathan and Thomas Paulino, and Nikhil Shankar

1. Greater emotional impact2. Looks beyond what is considered "real"3. Allows for Progress1. Reality a. Not appearing the way "supposed to be" b. Appears useless in implementation

Perspective based by the mind based on individual ideas on how things should be


Way of Knowing

Strengths and Weaknsses

1. When convincing younger children to go to sleep, more effective to talk about monster under the bed than a punishment2. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" (Einstein).3. First-Ever Brain Transplant Planned in 2019


1. KUMIYO2. First Ever Brain Transplant-Will the person obtaining the transplant have the memories of the person who donated the brain, their memories, or will be able to recreate own images from the past?3. Flying monkeys:)



Spongebob and his words

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