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Wave Rock

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According to geologists, the particular shape of the rock was formed by subsurface chemical weathering followed by removal of the soft weathered granite by erosion; this below ground level before it was exposed.

Beautiful Sites

Wave Rock

The Wave Rock is 50 feet high and almost 328 feet long.

The Wonder Wave Rock is located in Western Australia.

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The Height

It is 982 feet east from the town Hyden.

According to scientists, this stunning stone formation is 2700 millions years old.

How Old

The Wave Rock is part of the north face of remnant Hyden Rock, which is an isolated hill, made up of variably textured, medium and coarse-grained porphyritic granite.

What it is

The rock is composed by grey and red granite strips.

Hundreds of kangaroos, emus, wallabies, koalas, wombats, lizards and many kinds of birds inhabit the environs of the rock.

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