Wave Properties

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Wave Properties

Wave Properties

Speed of All Waves within the Same Medium

Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

Reflected Waves

Wavelength and Frequency

Wave Transferral from one Medium to Another

Wave Interference

Observations: From image 1 to image 2 the amplitude is doubled in magintude. The speed remains constant at 173.2 cm/s meaning the pulse size does not effect the speed. From image 2 to 3 the tension is increased by 1 N instead resulting in an increase of speed from 173.2 cm/s to 200 cm/s. Tension effects wave speed.

Observations:In the three images above, the goal is to observe how frequency and wavelength are related. From image 1 to 2, the frequency is decreased from 50 Hz to 20 Hz resulting in a wavelength that is much longer (from 45cm to about 80cm). From image 2 to 3 the frequency is increased to 80 hz resulting in a very short wavelength of 20 cm. Therefore a higher frequency yields a shorter wavelength and vice versa because the wave completes a full path in a shorter distance.


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