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Wave Energy

-Wave energy resources distributed across the globe give many countries a secure of supply.-Waves are generated over vast areas of ocean and, once generated, travel large distances with minimal energy losses.-Waves can be anticipated a or two days in advance through direct satellite measurements and meteorological forecasts. These advances in ecological science provide a high level of predictability and good network planning.-Although wave energy is a concentrated source of wind energy, because it often travels very large distances it is regularly out of phase with the local wind conditions. Wave energy can therefore help to balance variability from other renewable sources and maximise the efficient use of electricity networks.-Waves effectively average out the wind that generates them over large areas which results in a high level of consistency compared to wind or solar.

Why use Wave Energy?

Wave Energy Station.

How it works.

Energy moves through water in waves. Water works as the medium through which kinetic energy, or energy in motion, passes. The water is moving, of course, but only in a circular motion. In other words, water particles work as rollers in a conveyor belt, and they rotate in order to move the belt on top forward, but they themselves don't go forward in the process. This is why buoys will rise and fall in a vertical motion with the water.

Wave Energy

These are two examples of wave energy generators

Waves are generated by the wind as it blows across the sea surface. Energy is transferred from the wind to the waves. Waves travel vast distances across oceans at great speed. The longer and stronger the wind blows over the sea surface, the higher, longer, faster and more powerful the sea is. The energy within a wave is proportional to the square of the wave height, so a two-metre high wave has four times the power of a one-metre high wave.

What is Wave Energy?

While wind and solar energy has evolved tremendously over the past two decades, ocean and wave based energy is lacking far behind. One of the main problems faced by developers is that operating in the ocean is far more difficult than on land.

Why It's Not Being Utilized


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