[2015] Jordyn Ketner: Watts Riots

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[2015] Jordyn Ketner: Watts Riots

Kenneth Nootenboom

The riots began after an African American man named Marquette Frye was pulled over and arrested by a white male for being intoxicated while driving. A crowd gathered around the arrest and tension began to build between the crowd and police. Rioters let out their anger about the unemployment rates, substandard housing, and inadequate schooling by looting, burning and damaging cars and stores.

Watts Riots Los Angeles CA 1965 Historic Footage

The Watts Riots Riots occured in the South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles due to racial tension throughout the country. They lasted for six days from August 11th-17th, 1965.


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The Watts Riots was the largest and costliest urban rebellion of the Civil Rights era. People and businesses were robbed left and right. There were a total of 34 deaths, 1,000 wounded, and over $50 million property damage.


Kenneth Nootenboom was born on October 19, 1941 in Sibley, Iowa. He worked as a trucker for Challenge Dairy Products for 14 years. Overall Kenneth was a truck driver for 40 years. He won Truck Driver of the Month for Washingon State in July of 1988.

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