Watershed Investagation

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Environmental Studies

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Watershed Investagation

Abiotic Factors

Watershed Investagation

Summary:-After several tests, it has been concluded that AG Facility 1 has the best water quality out of all 9 sites tested in our watershed.

Biotic Factors

Abiotic Factors

Evidence Of Human Activity:-People throw trash and other pollutantsin the water.-Powerplants dispose of chemicals into the water supply.-People are careless when cleaning water.

Protecting Our Watersheds:-Don't pollute!-Reduce waste and recycle used items.-Take time to clean up polluted water.

Which of these 9 sites has the best water quality?

Summary:-After several tests and calculations, I haveconcluded that AG Facility 1 is the site withthe best water quality out of the sites testedin our watershed.


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