Watergate Scandal

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Watergate Scandal

*The Watergate Scandel Began June 1972

*President Nixon*Charles Colson*John Ehrlichman*H.R. Haldeman*Robert Mardian*John N. Mitchell* Kenneth Parkinson*Gordon C. Strachan

Who Was Involved

The Watergate Scandel


The tapes are audio recordings of President Nixon and various Nixon administration officials and White House staff. These tapes are important because they recorded valuable things that Nixon said that revealed what he really was like.

The Tapes

The watergate started with robbers that were staying in the watergate hotel. They attempted a robbery on the white house to steal the tapes and wiretap the phone. They were all caught and arested. This escalated when President Nixon took steps to cover up this whole thing.

What most effectively explains the end of the watergate scandel is Nixon resigned. This is the biggest event that ended the watergate scandel.

How It Ended

This is President Nixon and the Watergate Seven

President Nixon Resigns from office. Only President to ever resign from office.

President Nixon


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