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Water is not always clean and lots of animals and people are affected. Seals are hugely affected by unclean water and get tangled in fishing net. Unclean water can also be triggered by oil spills and when birds graciously fly to the water their feathers get brown and smelly. Humans also need clean water two drink and sadly some less fortunet people do not have this resorce

Unclean water

How to sustain water1. One way to sustain water is to use it wisely and always finish your glass2. Another way to sustain water is instead of throwing rubbish in the ocean put it in the bin3. When you brush your teeth turn the tap off and when you need to wash your mouth out turn it 4. Dont spill oil5. Dont waste water


5 tips on how to sustain water

Water is a very precious resource,and needs to be used wisely. Clean water is odorless and has no colour but sadly some water is affected by oil spills, sewage and rubbish which makes it brown and smelly. Water comes in three forms solid, liquid, and gas.


By Lucy.w

Stewardship means looking after God's creation and helping those in need like god wants us to. Water is a gift of God's creation and being stewards of God's creation means we should look after this precious gift.

Clean Water

Unclean water

If we want to be stewards of Goods creation we should make sure water is clean and healthy.We can be stewards of God's creation by looking after water and the animals in it. We can also be stewards of God's creation by making sure everyone has clean water to drink.

Stewards of God's creation

Bible verse"You visit the earth and water it,you greatly enrich it;the river of God is full of water;you provide the people with grain,for so you have prepared it.” this Bible verse relates to my topic because God provides us with water and it's up to us to look after it.

Seals in clean Water


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