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Environmental Studies

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Watch our videos on Water usage at:http://goanimate.com/videos/0_hD0fd3Xusgandhttp://goanimate.com/videos/0TfNNGW6Bi5U

WaterAustralia is the worlds largest consumer of water. As a country we all need to do our part by reducing our water usage. There are many simple ways that everyone can reduce the amount of water the use and waste. These ways are listed on this poster. Share this information with your friends and coleagues. The more people who know the importance of reducing our water consumptin and how to do it, the better it is for the world.

To avoid using excess water when using the washing machine wash full loads

To use the water run-off from washing your car wash it on your grass so it waters it at the same time

Use the water from your washing machine for the garden

Cover your swimming pool to avoid evaporation

Avoiding hosing down paths and driveways where possible

Use a water efficient dishwasher instead of handwashing and only wash dishes in the dish washer when it is full

Use water efficient showers, taps, washing machines, dishwashers

Take short showers

Fix all leaks on anything that uses water immediately

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

Install a dual flush toilet

When possible use the half-flush on your toilet

To reduce water wasted getting the correct temperature in the shower use mixer taps instead of a separate hot and cold tap