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Earth Sciences

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“Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.”

>Use a cup to risne your mouth than use tap for long.>Have a shower not a bath because bath use nearly double the water.>Don't use a hose in sted of a watering can because water use less liquid.

Ways to save water


From the Bible

The issues in the water are corals dying wich detroys animals homes such as clown fish the main fish that lives there.Some other issues are unclean water for poor people and people in diffrent countries also the main issue is littering water and not respecting it.

Did you know that the price of one soft drink you can drink 1000 litres of tap water.Giraffes can last longer without water than camels.Camels can drink 94 litres of water in less than 3 minutes.

Stewardship is a duty of respecting of somethingof God's creation and the animals in the waterthe habitat of those animals are dying from pollution.Fisherman are killing sharks and whales.Theme parks are capturing animals for amusment.

We can be stewards of God's creation by respecting the water do not litter, clean the water and plaese help the animals.Also we can reduce the amount of plastic bags in the water.


Water issues


How can we be stewardsof God's creations?

I chose Genesis because God talked about water and seperated the water.Genesis was a good won to choose because it talks about water and animals.

Why I chose the text from the Bible?

A couloruss liquid from the seas,lakes,rivers and th pools all around the earth.The oderluss liquid has lots of diffrent forms such as clean water,polluted water and just unclean water.The water has only discovered 5% of the ocean.

Definition water.


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