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Water... Water

Think of the fish and marine life that is dying each day....

The water is home to millions of species so we need to stop polluting. If we keep on polluting the animals will die out. Another reason that we need to care for the ocean is because there are still hundredsof undiscovered marine life. As we pollute the water each day the coral dies. The coral is the filter to the ocean and at the moment the coral is dying due to us polluting the water. Once the coral dies every single marine life dies because of the extremely dirty water, then we die and the land life also, because we all depend on clean water

In third world countries, people suffer from diseases and illneses every day due to our laziness of not putting rubbish in the bin. Even worse they have to travel around about 9.6 km every day to get dirty water.

This is what we have done.....

Millions of industries around the world use massive nets to collect fish to sell, but those nets don't just catch fish they catch turtles and dolphins etc. This affects the marine food chain.

Seeing that we pollute so much the world has started to heat up to burn the plastic and things. This is called global warming, sadly this is what global warming is doing


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