Water Wars

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Water Wars


A scarcity of water is one of biggest problems in the many parts of the world. The lack of the blue gold as water is often called is a reason of conflicts among the nations. According to scientists, in 20 years time the water consumption is supposed to increase by 40%. It means the situation will be even worse...

Conflicts have their origin in Asia because India is planning to join 37 rivers together. Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan are criticizing India's plans. Some of the rivers included in the project flow through the mentioned countries. Bangladesh also joins the conflict. It is said that India is storing the water supply while the south-west part of Bangladesh is turning into the desert.

The disputes over the water also concern the countries in the Middle East. The water is more valuable there than the oil. Unfortunately, many countries of that region have a limited access to water. In order to counteract it, the Saudi Arabia desalinates 50% of water needed for consumption. However, not every single country can afford to do the same.



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