[2015] Serenity Johnson: Water sustainability in Africa

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[2015] Serenity Johnson: Water sustainability in Africa

What is the issue in Africa?Why?People in Africa don't get access to clean fresh water because they wash there clothes, wash themselves and do thier business in the water and they drink the same water.

Water sustainability in Africa.

Made by The Jawjropper Showstoppers-Kayla and Serenity.

What can we do to help in their communities?We can help by building more wells in Africa so that they get fresh, healthy water. We can also help by telling them that the water is not safe to drink. We can also send them some drinkable books.

The drinkable book has changed many peoples lives in Africa. Many people in Africa are suffering from water disease, you could imagine how many lives will be changed all because of the drinkable book.

The Drinkable book


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