Water Resources

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Water Resources

Physical Factors There is an uneven distribution of rain in the world(see the world rainfall map)Change of climate can also lead to water constraint. Dry places will become drier;wet place become wetter.The wetter area will flood more and it may lead to water pollution because the flood water may pollute the water.The drier areas will have more naturally occuring substance left over as the water dries up. The natural occuring substance will pollute groundwaterThe distribution of water is not even. The groundwater are the most ample and ready source of water. It is not even;some place have more groundwater and some have lesser.The surface water is not even because some country have more water bodies while some have less.(See the diagram below)

Water is one of the most important resources needed on Earth. All living things need it to survive. Water resources are places where there are source of water like the ocean,river etc.Water is needed for agriculture, industrail, household, recreational, environmental activities and also for consumationThe population is increasing, but the amount of water on Earth is still the same. This leads to water constraint because the demand is exceeding.Water constraint is when there is not enough water for everybody to use

Ground Water

More than 70% of the Earth is covered with water. However, more than 97% is salty and cannot be consumed.For the rest of the 3%, about 68% is frozen in the ice caps, 31% is underground as groundwater and 1% is surface water

Surface Water

Human FactorsThe population is exploding rapidly over the past century.By 2020,it was predicted that we will use 40% more water because of population explosion. It was also predicted that more than 1.8 billion people will have not enough water to useOut of the fresh water available, about 8% is used for household purposes like bathing, drinking etc.Due to urbanization, more people are leading a more modern lifestyle which is to use convinient electric appliances. These eletric appliances required an amount of water to operate themThe pollution in the ocean will cause water constraint because when they are polluted,they cannot be used. In less developed country,the people may throw their rubbish in the river which pollutes it. In the industrails, waste may be accidentally thrown in the river which pollutes it. In farms,fertilizers were used. Wen it rains,the fertilizers may be washed away to the ocean and this pollutes the ocean.Out of the fresh water available, about 70% is used in agriculture. Irrigation is used to grow rice if the area is dry.Due to population explosion,more rice are demand,this make there more rice field and used more water for irrigation.About 22% of fresh water is used for industries.Water is used to power electricity.As the population increases,the demand for electricity also increases and this make the rise for the demand of water.Water is also used for drinking and for solvents in industries that manufacture chemicalsCountries are now building more tourist attraction areas for recreation. Some have water parks that uses a large amount of fresh water.

Increase the Fresh Water Supply

Increase the Price of Fresh Water


Water Conservation

Case StudyWater Constraint in Singapore



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