Water Properties

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Water Properties

Cohesive - Cohesion refers to the fact that water sticks to itself very easilyAdhesive - Adhesive means that water also sticks very well to other things, which is why it spreads out in a thin film on certain surfaces, like glass. When water comes into contact with these surfaces, the adhesive forces are stronger than the cohesive forces.Surface Tension - the tension of the surface film of a liquid caused by the attraction of the particles in the surface layer by the bulk of the liquid.Moderate Temp. - Water needs to give away energy in form of heat when it goes from gas to liquid, and from liquid to solid. The opposite is also true: water needs to take energy in form of heat when going from solid to liquid or liquid to gas.


Water Properties:By Terry Osias

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Expansion Of Freezing - Water expands on freezing because the structure of the molecules, H2O, take up more space when aligning in electrochemically crystalline form. Versatility as a solvent - Water is often referred to as the universal solvent, because it is able to dissolve many types of substances due to its polarity.


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