Water Project Glog For Env Sci

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Environmental Studies

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Water Project Glog For Env Sci

Click here to pick a topic to research.Once you have gathered some information make your own glog.

Once you have an issue selected, you must:1. Explain the problem - how is the problem connected to water? Be clear and direct.2. Describe the impact of the problem. How big is it and who is at risk?3. Explain the source of the problem. Where did it come from?4. Tell us what could be done to solve it or who is working to fix it. What are they doing?5. Tell us where to find out more.6. Cite sources used.

Environmental ScienceWater Project

Create your Glog using at least one video clip or or weblink.Save link to a word doc and put in handin or email to me:courtney_v_mason@mcpsmd.org

Make sure to save all work!Let me know when you are done!