Water Power

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Water Power

Hydroelectric power is a clean, renewablesource of energythat doesn't contributr to global warming and climate change like fossil fuels, such as oil, does.

Average: 44% of total water in Europe is used for agriculture, 40% for industry and production

Water Power

By using more hydroelectricity, instead of getting our energy from fossil fuels, we would improve our security and independence energyas this would lead to reduced foreign fossil import.

Since ancient times, used for irragation and operation and various mechanical devices. More river force=more sediment moved, sediment and other material (riverbed)=erosionThe effects of dams and river ecosystems and social problems arerelated to relocations of inhabitantsCan effect water availibility down the streamHydro power plants don't build everywhere because they are costly.

Water power is good and bad for the environment

There are concerns on the impact of the water. The alter flow and temperature regimes are destroying fish spawning areas, handicap the fish migration, killing the fish, and drying out all the wetlands. They also impact the sediment and nutrients behind dams, which can cut down the fertility of the waters downstream and may also crate a higher erosion percentage for river banks.


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