Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Dahka Water Pollution

Glog by: Damien Cooke

Positive outcomes from this solution could be that people in the poor areas of Dahka could live in a clean, healthy environment. Also, another outcome could be that the people in the poor areas of Dahka could have a new suply of fresh, drinkable water.

This possible solution could help the citizens of Dahka by removing the large amounts of waste, while supplying them with fresh water at the same time.

In Dahka, Bangladesh, most of the waterways and water supplies are polluted with all types of rubbish and waste. Most of this waste is from people who live in poor, rundown areas.

I believe that the Bangladesh Government should become involved in this problem and attempt to fix it. Also, I believe that water companies and construction companies should attempt to get rid of the polluted water and build suitable homes for the people in the poor areas of Dahka.

A possible solution to this problem could be to create a small factory that runs the polluted waterthrough it, and as the water runs through, the waste is separated and the water is purified so people can drink it.


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