Water Pollution

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Environmental Studies

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Water Pollution

Do you ever wonder why water pollution is bad? Sometimes we dont think about the consequences when we just throw a piece of trach in the sand. Sometimes we think it is no big deal but it is a very big deal because just a small piece of trash can kill a lot of fish.

kills fish

Do you know what water pollution is?Water pollution is when pollutants are added to the water. When pollutants are added to the water it means that garbage, or harmful chemicals are added to the water.

Water Pollution


this is an example of water pollution

its telling us how and what water pollution does


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Water pollution also has its side effects.Water pollution kills animals and then that disturbes the food-chains because their predator died and now they cant eat.Another effect is that someone goes fishing and that person eats it so now that person has the diseases inside of them too.One more effect of water pollution is that then it causes destruction in the environment.These are just some ways of hw water pollution affects us but there are many more ways of how it affects us,animals, and our environment.