Water is Important

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Water is Important

Water is Important

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Water is necessary for all living beings even during our development as individuals, the importance of this is readily human life is the greatest of all because a large amount of our body needs it so it is of great importance recognize its value and know appreciate it because without it we would not have life we are dependent that we require for all unfortunately we have forgotten during the last years.


We need to know that water is a vital resource for our life, because is very important in human necessities. To clean any contaminant, water passes through a treatment and purification process. Human activities can affect water quality, and then we will have serious problems when we want to use. If we take care of water we can enjoy a lot of benefits like drinking water this is the principal benefit for us because we need it to live. We won´t have diseases, in the world we won´t have droughts and water won’t finished rapidly.

Domestic water is normally characterized by its use inside and outside the home: washing the dishes, cooking a meal, laundry, bathing, watering the lawn or garden, and other household activities.In a typical home in the United States, approximately 50% of water is used in the bathroom. The toilet makes up 26%, while the shower and sink use 23%. Outside of the house, 35% of water use is for lawn or garden care. Below is a picture showing more detailed information of water use inside of a home.

Domestic uses of water and its disposal to drainage

According to the Canadian Labour Environmental Alliance Society, dishwasher detergents are 30 to 40 percent phosphorus. Ammonia is a multipurpose household cleaner that is found in many cleaning products that do everything from degreasing to sanitizing and removing allergens. VOCs are found in a wide range of cleaning products. They whiten your clothes, remove grease from dishes and disinfect as bathroom cleaners, among other uses. Nitrogen is found in glass and surface cleaning products; this chemical is found in floor cleaners as well.

Atmospheric deposition is the pollution of water caused by air pollution. In the atmosphere, water particles mix with carbon dioxide sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, this forms a weak acid. Air pollution means that water vapour absorbs more of these gases and becomes even more acidic.The urban runoff may contain nonpoint-source pollutants such as trash, pet wastes, lawn fertilizers, and herbicides, as well as oils, heavy metals, de-icing salts, and other pollutants from vehicles.

Sedimentation The heavy particles (floc) settle to the bottom and the clear water moves to filtration.· Filtration The water passes through filters, some made of layers of sand, gravel, and charcoal that help remove even· Disinfection A small amount of chlorine is added or some other disinfection method is used to kill any bacteria or microorganisms that may be in the water.

In the 1960s it began operating the Presa La Boca. In the 70's the system Buenos Aires wells and shallow wells joined Monterrey. In 1984 he built and put into operation Presa Cerro Prieto, with a capacity of 300 million cubic meters. Additionally it has the Linares-Monterrey pipeline, 133 kilometers in length and 2.13 meters in diameter, five pumping stations, with a capacity of 42,000 horsepower to drive the water.

Household products in water pollution

Atmospheric and urban pollutants

5 advices for a better caring of water

1. Water your yard thoroughly, but only as needed—usually no more than 1 inch, once a week.2. Use drip irrigation for plants and gardens, and water early in the morning to minimize evaporation.3. Fill the washer and dishwasher to his maximum capacity whenever you use them and renews the old models for new of low consumption4. Wash your car using a basin, since you spend much less water than when you do it with the hose5. Install water savers in the keys of the sink, wash basins and watering-cans to reduce the consumption in the house.

The water in dams

The quality of natural water in rivers, lakes and reservoirs and below the ground surface depends on a number of interrelated factors.

Sources that supply drinking water in the metropolitan area of Monterrey

Water treatments for domestic use

Final Reflection

It’s of great importance to know the use of each of the materials mentioned in this activity and learn that water and humans to learn to value because without it life would not be possible is elemental to recognize its importance and know the correct use , also learn to recycle and help her if needed we are missing. the valuation is very important.

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Rainwater in the storm drainage systems. Storm drains are found on urban and suburban streets at curbside, often at corners. They drain rainwater and snowmelt off the streets to prevent flooding. Water entering storm drains is usually sent directly into the nearest waterway, untreated.


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