Water for Tanzania

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Water for Tanzania

Water for Tanzania



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The Maasai People- live in northern Tanzania -live in Kraals arranged in a circular fashion (fence around it is made of acacia thorns which prevent dangerous animals from coming in) -man responsibility to maintain the fence -women construct houses-Kraals are shared by extended family-the Inkajijik (maasai word for house) loaf-shapedmade of mud, sticks, grass, cow dung, and cows urine-warriors are responsible for security-boys are



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~in rural areas schools are very far awaychildren have to help with chores (getting water for the family)~parents cannot afford to send their children to school (some families have to live on $1 a day)~malnourished (lacking cognition and emotional support more likely to fail in education)~traditional practices are biased against girls (girls should do all the work while the boys learn)

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For more information about tanzania go to:http://www.wateraid.org/where-we-work/page/tanzania


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