Water for elephants

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Water for elephants

Emma Kordsmeier

Jacob Jankowiski (protangonist)- A 93 year-old Polish American man who is reminisicing on the time of his life where he worked as a vet at a circus during the Great Depresssion.Marlena-Jacobs love interest, who is one of the star performers at the circus. August-Marlena's husband and the head animal trainer. He is described as charming, yet brutal to both humans and animals.Rosie-An elphant who was said to be useless until it is discovered that she understands command only in Polish.

'Water for Elephants' by Sara Gruen mainly takes place during the Great Depression. The main charachter Jacob, who is a 93 year old widow, is reminising on the time he workied at the circus. In the begining of the story Jacob is going to Cornell University veterinary school when he recieves devestating news that his parents have been involved in a car accident. When they die their money is not going towards his tuition, he has a breakdown and leaves his school. In the night he jumps on a Circus train and there he works as a vet for the animals. As the plot goes on he falls in love with the equestrian directors wife, Marlena.


Water for Elephants bySara Grven


"Life is most spectacular show on earth."


Quote "When two people are meant to be together, theyy will be together. It's fate.

The top theme in this book is love, despite all of it's cruelities the two main charachters, Jacob and Marlena end up in.

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