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Water Filter

Hilongas water filter will change millions of lives.

Finding solutions to this crisis is not easy. Though drilling wells helps provide access to cleaner water, it can involve large expenses and is not always sustainable. One of major ways technology helps to address this issue has been water filters. Though we often think of water filters as Brita pitchers or the ones in our sinks and refrigerators, innovators have been seeking ways to make them more portable and cost-effective to address our world wide water crisis.

Water is our most precious resource, and yet 750 million people around the world don't have access to safe water. Every minute a child dies from a water related illness. Even with the progress charitable orgnizations have made, ease of access still contributes to over 840,000 deaths water related diseases each year.

The Crisis


Tanzanian chemical engineer, Askwar Hilonga, was just awarded a prestigious African innovation prize from the Royal Academy of Engineering. He developed a water filter which absorbs anything from copper and fluoride to bacteria, viruses and pesticides using nanotechnology and sand to clean water. This, along with other filters like LifeStraw and Liquidity are providing new, more effective ways to get clean water to those in need.


Water filter



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