Water Cycle

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Cycles & Processes

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Water Cycle



Students will be given time to form a hypothesis.After they are done with the hypothesis, they will go back to their groups bowl and see what happened.



Students will know and understand the water cycle processes. They will create Prezi presentaions and will describe each process using the pictures they took during the activity. Students will present to the class, and they will give and receive feedback from their peers.

The Water Cycle

By: Xhejlan Lena

Introduction:This lesson plan is designed to help third graders understand how and why the water cycle happens.


Students will be split up into 5 groups; I will hand out one large clear bowl, small weight, small container, rubber band and piece of plastic wrap to each group.

1. Place the small container into the large bowl and put a little water into the large bowl without getting it into the small container.2. Cover container with plastic wrap and put rubber band around to keep it in place.3. Place the weight on top of the plastic wrap.4. Set the bowls in sunlight.5. Make a hypothesis about what they think will happen to the bowl and water.

Students will demonstrate understanding of how the water cycle works and how the water circulates throughout the earth. Students will show an understanding in how important water is and why it is important that the water cycle happens.

Technology:Students will take pictures of the changes throughout the activity!The pictures will be used to create a Prezi presentation, describing each of the processes.






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