Water Cycle

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Cycles & Processes

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Water Cycle

Water Cycle






Condensation is when a gas/vapor turns into a liquid. It usually happens when warm air rises. People say it is the oppisite of evaporation.

Precipitation is when a cloud gets too full of water vapor that it has to release some in the form of dew, mist, rain, hail, or snow(most commonly seen as rain).

Evaporation is the process when water turns from a liquid to a gas/vapor (caused by heat/sun)

Infiltration is when the water absorbs into the soil and then moves into rocks and gets water in the ground and reaches gives soil to all the plants so the plants can grow.

Transpiration is when the moisture absorbs in the plants and the roots and spread around the plant and soon turns to vapor and releases into the atmosphere.

Ground Water Runoff

After precipitation, the rain/snow/hail, it doesnt just sit on the ground doing nothing. The gravity makes the substance move mostly downhill and occurs during storms which is surface runoff.

Surface Runoff

Ground water runoff is when the runoff goes through the ground and becomes ground water goes into a stream.

3 places where water is freshy stored are ice/glaciers, bodies of fresh water, and water underground.

3 forms of water are solid which is ice, liquid which is just regular water, and gas which is water vapor.


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