Water Conservation

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Water Conservation

How can water conservation efforts make a difference in your community?

Water Conservation

The Challenge

How can we conserve water?

Raise awareness in your community about the importance of water conservation efforts!

Essential Question

The Big Idea:

Finding out how much water our daily activities use was not easy. First we had to determine if our home had any water saving devices by surveying our parents. Then we completed a water usage chart to see how many gallons our family uses on a typical day. Turns out my family uses about 526 gallons a day. Check out the pie chart above for a break down.

After estimating how much water my family uses each day, I wanted to try to use less. We explored various ways to conserve water in the house by watching a video and reading tip lists. We each chose a few of these methods to put into practice at home. Then, while using these conservation methods, we kept track of how much water we used during a day. Check out the bar graph we made! It compares the amount of water used for household tasks before and after making an effort to conserve water.

How much water do our daily activities use?

We wanted to find out why people don't do more to conserve water. We made up a survey and interviewed our teacher, our parents, and our neighbors. We also sent the survey to our relatives in other towns. We surveyed 15 people, to find out how often they use basic water conservation techniques, and if they don't... we asked them to explain why not! This comic strip is an example of the kinds of responses we received. Here is a link to the summary of the results of our survey.

What are some reasons that people don't do more to save water?



1.) We will create flyers to distribute to the community. The flyers will discuss the various ways we learned how to conserve water. We will then challenge our community to partner with us and save water by becoming involved in The Water Project.2.) Our school will get involved with The Water Project by taking The Water Challenge. The water we save will not only save us an expense, but we will donate that money instead to The Water Project. This will help to provide clean water for others around the world.3.) Our school will track the water usage in our community. Parents will submit their household's monthly water usage on the school website. Then we will use a living bar-graph to track our water conservation on the school's bulletin board.

Our Solution

Water conservation is the protection and management of the most valuable resource on our planet; water. This video discusses why!

We began by learning a lot about the water cycle! We talked about where water comes from. We learned that the water cycle never stops, and we don't get "new" water. We even learned that because we recycle water that is why we drink the same water that the dinosaurs drank! Did you know that? Then, our teacher had us create Bottle Terrariums. We were able to watch them grow, but more importantly we watched the water cycle IN ACTION!

Where does our water come from?

After viewing a short video about groundwater, we explored how much water it takes to make or grow things such as hamburger and bread. Then, we learned that only 2.5% of Earth's water is freshwater and most of that is trapped in glaciers. Of the groundwater we use, 70% of it is used for agriculture. We then asked a water department manager many questions we still had and used what we learned to create a TV broadcast.

Why do we need to conserve water?


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