Water Conservation

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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Kids can make a difference towards water conservation... But they need to know why it is so important !Here is a link that states 20 different steps kids can do to help save water!http://www.thewaterpage.com/water-conservation-kids.htm

Click on the raindrop to go Kids Water Conservation Corner!

Click on the picture to find out simple ways to save water !

Click on the picture to play the water family game to learn how much water your family uses!

Click on the picture to find more infromation on Water for Educaiton Teachers!

Tara Darby visit a local elementary school to see how these kids are making a big difference in water conservation.

Sesame Street Video:Water Conservation (Used in Lesson Plan)

Click on the book to Purchase it! (Used in Lesson plan)

Click on the Water FootPrint Calculator to visit a website that has a kid friendly one that students can use.

Click on the water cycle picture to go to a website that has a fun water cycle game for kids.


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