Water bottle broom

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Water bottle broom

PurposeThe main purpose of the water bottle broom is to clean the floor. But is also intended to help the enviroment, by instead of using more plastic to make bristles, using the which are thrown away as bristles.

Water Bottle Broom

SolutionThe perfect solution is the water bottle broom. Since its bristles are made out of water bottles there is no need of producing more plastic that will contaminate the environment. And it will be accessible to any nation it so the WBB can be used by anyone to help them keep a clean home.

Vendors: Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, Corner Market Orlando, and any store that sells home supplies in poor regions of the world.

by: Joaquim Jovel

Price: $7.69

ProblemThere are millions of items thrown away every day, most of which are made out of plastic, which causes contamination all around the world. And one of the items that are thrown away the most is water bottles. People have generated solutions but they either take a large amount of money or other persons simply don’t cooperate. And in most regions around the world people try to keep their homes clean, but in poor regions of the world there is no way to do so. Since there are not many cleaning companies while sell there products in poor nations or because they are way too expensive.

Target PopulationThe population that the product is targeting is homeowners. Mostly because the product purpose is cleaning, it's main target is people who usually stay at home cleaning.


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