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Water Book List

Title: Mountian DanceAuthor: Thomas LockerGrade/Level: K-3, G.E. 3.3Summary: Provides a wonderful introduction to geology, from the highest peaks to the deepest depths of the earth, showing readers that even though the earth seems calm and motionless, it is constantly moving and changing.

Title: One Well: The Story of Water on EarthAuthor: Rochelle StraussGrade/Level: 3-6, G.E. 4, Level RSummary: All water is connected. Every raindrop, lake, underground river, and glacier is part of a single global well. How we treat the water will affect every species on the planet, now and for years to come. One Well shows how every one of us has the power to conserve and protect our global well.

Title: Did a Dinosaur Drink this Water?Author: Robert E. WellsGrade/Level: 2-5, Level PSummary: This book explains the complete water cycle and also discusses ocean currents, ocean and lake habitats, and hydroelectricity, touching on water pollution and our responsibility to keep our water clean.

Title: All The Water In the WorldAuthor: George Ella LyonGrade/Level: 2K-3, G.E. 2.1Summary: Introduces young children to the water cycle through text and illustrations.

Title: The Magic School Bus: Wet All OverAuthor: Joanna ColeGrade/Level: K-2, G.E. 2.3, Level MSummary: Experience the earth's water cycle first hand as Ms. Frizzle's class rises into the air, forms a rain cloud and drizzles down upon earth, just like rain!

Title: Weather and the Water CycleAuthor: Robert E. WellsGrade/Level: 5-6, G.E. 4.8, Level TSummary: This book describes the effects of the water cycle and the Sun's energy on the weather and how these both affect our daily lives

Title: Water: Up, Down, and All AroundAuthor: Natalie M RosinskyGrade/Level: K-4, G.E. 2, Level MSummary: Where do raindrops come from? Why don't lakes dry up? Grab your umbrella and take a tour of the water cycle.

Title: Earth CyclesAuthor: Michael RossGrade/Level: K-3, G.E. 3.3, Level MSummary: Explains how cyclical phenomena occur, including cycles of the moon, day into night, and changing seasons, helping children understand the cycles of nature.


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