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Earth Sciences

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OBJECTIVE:Through collaboration with local businesses and school communities and partnering with local social service and environmental agencies, we will educate the community on the history of water usage and consumption, ways to mathematically track and analyze water comsumption, how this impacts the environment, and how we can limit our water footprint

TIMETABLE:September - Prepare with local agenciesOctober - Put togehter educational materialsNovember - Give interviews and presentations on water consumptionDecember through May - Track usageJune - Reevaluate and make recommendations for future

Fresh water is running out across the globe.

According to UN Water, about 1.8 billion people across the globe drink water that contains fecal matter. We dream of a world where people have access to clean drinking water.According to Penn State Extension, Pennsylvania's water usage has increased due to the Marcellus Shale gas development, Using ground water for this limits potential for water usage in agriculture and other areas

About current situation and Goals

Resources Available

Progress Monitoring and Success Indicators Track monthly water usage for the borough to determine if education was applied.Success will look like a steady decrease in water usage for the entire borough over a 6 month period. Based on estimated water consumption per person, a goal for the borough should be reached.

World Water Crisis

California Water Shortage

Steps:1. Partner with EPA and other local agencies to discuss realistic water consumption amount per person.2. Put together educational materials for businesses, schools, and community members based on historical data, mathematical analysis, environmental regulations and recommendations, and personal usage statistics.3. Publish materials through interviews with local media outlets and pass out flyers to community members.4. Give in person presentations to all grade levels, businesses, and presentation open to all community members.5. Track water usage for the borough over a six month period and reevaluate.

Why is action needed?

Why is action needed?

Who Should be involved?

The business Community and School Districts

Who Should be involved?


Who Should be involved?

Environmental Agencies and Social Services


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